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Walker Productions is a San Francisco, Bay Area based filmmaking collective founded by Jesee Walker. We bring a personal and more human touch to marketing. With over 10 years experience, we specialize in telling engaging stories through customer testimonial videos, product explainers, YouTube ads, event highlight reels, 'live' events, web series, culture videos, executive updates, educational content, all types of marketing videos and corporate photography. 


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Amy Lund, Pilot Growth Equity, Head of Operations

Working with Jesee and his crew was a fantastic experience from beginning to end, he walked us through every step of the way and made the whole experience fun and engaging. 

Our team is extremely detail oriented and exacting, Jesee was up to the challenge- he created and produced a short film that we are delighted with and proud to show. 

Walker Production's services are very well priced and the finished product is second to none. I highly recommend Jesee! 

Jeannie Ruesch, Xero Inc., Senior Marketing Manager

Jesee has that great combination of creativity and ‘get-it-done’ laser focus when it comes to video work. 

I have worked with Jesee across multiple marketing campaigns at Xero, many with the video or case study as the main focus - which meant the videos had to do a lot of the storytelling. Jesee really gets the details and what it takes to build a compelling story. I've been continually impressed with Jesee’s professionalism, his thoughtful approach and willingness to dive into the strategy as well as the creative output. When I gave him a project, I knew the final output would be exactly what I wanted and better than I anticipated, every time. I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.

Kelsey Jones, Remix, Marketing Manager

When we shared the film with our team that Jesee created, it literally brought tears to the eyes of a colleague. He was able to capture the heart of what we do, brought to life through a beautiful narrative expressed by one of our customers. Jesee gave Remix the opportunity to tell a compelling story using film—a medium that our company had not worked in before—which resulted in a powerful asset for our marketing and sales teams. His expertise, professionalism, and collaborative-spirit made the entire process a light-hearted, fun experience for everyone involved.

Zahra Billoo, Executive Director, C.A.I.R.

We were nervous about trying to produce a great video on a limited budget and without a lot of time. Jesse put our concerns to rest, was great to work with, had valuable guidance as to the aesthetic and direction of the video, and had everything done with time to spare. The final product was one of our favorite videos to date and really helped capture everything we wanted our audience to hear and see as we celebrated our 25th anniversary!

Mark Paddon, Guidekick, CEO

It was a real privilege working with Jesee.  Not only is he a true creative visionary, but led every step of the process from planning to production. We were blown away by the end result and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

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